NHS Pensions Scheme Identifier

Member Identifier Tool | NHS Pension Schemes

Welcome to our Scheme identifier. This tool is designed for members who are currently contributing to the Scheme. This tool will help you to identify what type of NHS Pension Scheme member you are and whether the April 2015 NHS Pension Scheme changes affected which Scheme you are in.

The Scheme identifier works by asking you a series of questions about your membership in the NHS Pension Scheme. Simply answer each of the questions and your membership status, as well as where to find more information, will appear at the bottom.

If you want to change your answer to any question, just click on it and re-enter the information needed. If you do change your answer to any question note that this may mean that you will be asked a different set of questions depending on your new answer.

This tool has not been designed to reflect every possible membership situation within NHS Pensions. This tool will work accurately for the vast majority of scheme members or will give a strong indication of your membership type. It is primarily designed to indicate if and when your membership changed to the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme and to help you navigate to more detailed information that is relevant to your circumstances. This tool will not take into consideration any previous public sector membership that may affect your eligibility for Protection. This tool should not be used in isolation; you are strongly advised to read all the supporting information as advised in the caveats in this tool.

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