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Request Reference: 9036 Request Date: 03 Feb 2020
Request: Hi, I would like to submit a Freedom of Information request, please, and would accordingly be grateful if you could pass this to the appropriate team within NHS Pensions. BACKGROUND It relates to the transmission of pensions data between NHSE/PCSE in England and NHS Pensions after the submission of the annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits. As you know NHSPS Regulations require GPs to complete and submit this form within 11 months of year end (so for the 2018/19 certificate the deadline is 28th February 2020). The GPs Employing Authority (NHSE/PCSE or the Local Health Board in Wales) has a further two months to submit the pensions data to ourselves. REQUEST How many individual GPs had their pensions data submitted to NHS Pensions by NHSE/PCSE, or their precursor organisations, within two months of the deadline for submitting their annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits? I would be grateful if this could be expressed both as an absolute number, and as a percentage of the total active GP membership of the pension scheme. I would like this data for the past ten years, ideally, allowing a comparison of rates before and after the advent of PCSE.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 28 Feb 2020
Response: Please see attached response.