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Request Reference: 8844 Request Date: 22 Oct 2019
Request: Please can you help me with a request for information relating to sales of hearing aids made to NHS Trusts? We had received similar information in the past, however; my colleague who had made the request has since retired. Hence I am unable to find out exactly how the request was made to you. I will do my best to describe. We would like to see historical sales of Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid accessories to NHS Trusts from October 2017 through to the current date or as near as possible to include supplier name models etc. Example of the date previously provided Criteria: Sales of Hearing Aids and accessories to NHS Trusts through NHS Supply Chain for periods October 2017 through to September 2019 Data format Supplier,BRAND,NPC,CAT_BASE_DESC,CAT_SEC_DESC,UNITS,SumOfSUP_QTY,Eaches,SumOfTOT_SALES,YYYYMM Please feel free to contact me should you need to if you have any questions relating to this request I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future

Status: Complete
Response Date: 07 Nov 2019
Response: Please see attached response.