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Request Reference: 8829 Request Date: 14 Oct 2019
Request: I should like NHSBSA under freedom of information to supply me the information requested below. I have not been able to obtain any information on your data about 2, 3,4,5. , PSNC informs me that I would have to obtain this information from you. [On 5 November 2019 you clarified the following:] To Clarify 2, what I want to know is the paid total items declared by contractors on their monthly submissions to PPD when the actual prescription forms are sent for pricing for the period stated on monthly basis.This information is on each individual PPD schedules sent to contractors , so the information is there . Secondly what I want to know the actual paid items priced by PPD and the amounts deducted for the charges levied to contractors .This information is supplied on PPD schedules to contractors, I only want the information for contractors in England for the periods stated With Regards 4, that is self explanatory, want the information for paid items on monthly basis from April 19 onwards to latest data . 1. Total number of prescription items dispensed in period 1/4/18 to 31/3/19. for contractors in England 2. Total number of prescription items actually sent by contractors as declared on FP34c in the period 1/4/18 to 31/3/19 for contractors in England 3. Total number of prescriptions charges actually deducted as per statement for each month priced by PPD in the period 1/4/18 to 31/3/19 for contractors in England 4. The same information as 1.2.3 from the period 1/4/19 to 30/9/19 for contractors in England on monthly basis. 5. The same information as above 1.2.3 on monthly basis from 1/4/18 to present 30/9/19. for contractors in England

Status: Complete
Response Date: 03 Dec 2019
Response: Please see attached response.