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Request Reference: 8819 Request Date: 08 Oct 2019
Request: I am convening a course for Orthopaedic Research UK (a charity) to help senior trainees/fellows with their application for T&O consultant jobs. https://www.oruk.org/education-and-events/toptips/ I attempted to gather some data from nhs jobs to find out roughly how many T&O consultant jobs are advertised for the past few years (what sub-speciality, locum vs permanent, region) but it does not allow me to do a retrospective search of closed jobs. Is there any way you could help with providing the statistics? Or could you please point me to the right direction? [On 10 October 2019 you clarified the following:] Yes I do need that information. I only need info for Trauma and Orthopaedics consultant job. Not anything else. It would be good to know if it was a permanent post or locum/time limited post. Time period: 01/01/2016- 10/10/2019 Vacancy ref number Name of organisation Job title: Trauma and Orthopaedics Staff Group: Medical and dental Speciality: Location: Post code: Job Type: Consultant Permanent/Locum Pay scheme: Pay Band: WTE

Status: Complete
Response Date: 06 Nov 2019
Response: Please see attached response