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Request Reference: 8812 Request Date: 07 Oct 2019
Request: How many Penalty Charge Notices were issued by the NHS Business Services Authority in the last accounting year? What was the total value of the penalties claimed in that period, including any surcharges levied, and how much was actually recovered? In the same accounting period how many individual recipients of PCNs were there? What are the corresponding answers to those three questions for Dorset residents? What kind of automated checks are carried out to establish if a false claim to free prescriptions has been made? Where PCNs are dispatched through an automated process does any human intervention or checking occur at any point before they are sent? What proportion are subsequently found to be in error and withdrawn? Is the automated checking system outsourced to a third party not part of the NHS? [On 1 November 2019 you clarified the following:] The following are the clarifications you have requested in your email. The data requested is for prescription penalty charges only. The following Dorset postcodes are appropriate: all DT post codes numbers 1 to 11 inclusive, BH postcodes numbered 16, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 31, SP postcodes numbers 7 and 8. Penalty Charge Notices are in error and withdrawn either as a result of that notice being challenged and following adjudication it is determined that the penalty should not be applied or without being challenged by the recipient you have determined that the notice was issued in error and is withdrawn. I trust this is sufficient for you to be able to respond to my FOI questions. [On 22 January 2020 you clarified the following:]I am responding to your offer, in the second and third paragraphs of your answer to my question 7. Please would you also supply the figures for PCNs that have been withdrawn where a valid exemption has been confirmed or proof of payment has been received? Please could this be both generally for PCNs issued by NHSBSA and for the Dorset postcodes listed in my original question?

Status: Complete
Response Date: 19 Feb 2020
Response: Please see attached response