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Request Reference: 8792 Request Date: 26 Sep 2019
Request: Dear Sir/Madam, I am working as a consultant with a large health economy and we are struggling to find appropriate prescribing data to evaluate the use of a new medicine hence my query. I am looking for the following nationally (England & Wales) to be able to compare situations against the wider country. Prescribing in breast cancer in the following combinations separately and by CCG and hospital trust: Tamoxifen + Goserelin 3.6mg (4 weekly) Anastrozole + Goserelin 3.6mg Letrozole + Goserelin 3.6mg Exemestane + Goserelin 3.6mg We also want to understand off-licence prescribing for safety and newly licensed prescribing by CCG and hospital trust as follows: Tamoxifen + Goserelin LA 10.9mg Anastrozole + Goserelin LA 10.9mg Letrozole + Goserelin LA 10.9mg Exemestane + Goserelin LA 10.9mg Tamoxifen + Leuprorelin 3.75mg Anastrozole + Leuprorelin 3.75mg Letrozole + Leuprorelin 3.75mg Exemestane + Leuprorelin 3.75mg Tamoxifen + Leuprorelin 11.25mg Anastrozole + Leuprorelin 11.25mg Letrozole + Leuprorelin 11.25mg Anastrozole + Leuprorelin 11.25mg Tamoxifen + Triptorelin 3mg Anastrozole + Triptorelin 3mg Letrozole + Triptorelin 3mg Exemestane + Triptorelin 3mg Tamoxifen + Triptorelin 11.25mg Anastrozole + Triptorelin 11.25mg Letrozole + Triptorelin 11.25mg Exemestane + Triptorelin 11.25mg I hope this is clear, please do not hesitate to call or email with any further clarity you require. The data will inform how we potentially manage the services in breast cancer and how the shared care agreements are developed. Thanks kindly, [Name Redacted]

Status: Complete
Response Date: 24 Oct 2019
Response: Please see attached response.