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Request Reference: 8791 Request Date: 26 Sep 2019
Request: I wish to request data on the following: For each CCG and Local Authority for the years 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2018/19 (April to March), the number of courses of treatment under each UDA band (1, 2, 3, and urgent) split by the sex and years of age of the patient up to 89 y.o. and then 90+. Also the same split by sex and years of age in the following groups: Males 0-5 year olds Females 0-5 y.o. Males 6-11 y.o. Females 6-11 y.o. Males 12-17 y.o. Females 12-17 y.o. Males 18-24 y.o. Females 18-24 y.o. Males 25-34 y.o. Females 25-34 y.o. Males 35-44 y.o. Females 35-44 y.o. Males 45-54 y.o. Females 45-54 y.o. Males 55-64 y.o. Females 55-64 y.o. Males 65-74 y.o. Females 65-74 y.o. Males 75-84 y.o. Females 75-84 y.o. Males 85+ Females 85+ If possible it would be useful to have this in a csv or excel worksheet format

Status: Complete
Response Date: 24 Oct 2019
Response: Please see attached response.