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Request Reference: 8756 Request Date: 04 Sep 2019
Request: Please could you answer the following Freedom of Information Requests: 1) How many Final Pay Control Charges have been issued to Merseycare Foundation NHS Trust (Formerly Merseycare NHS Trust) since the Final Pay Controls charge was introduced in 2014? 2) Since the introduction of the Final Pay Controls in 2014 has the FPC Charge been levied on Merseycare Foundation NHS Trust for every Pension awarded that would incur such a charge? 3) What is the total number of possible charges and those actually levied? 4) In the event that not all FPC Charges being levied what internal thresholds does the NHS Pension Agency use to dictate which Charges are actually levied? Thanks you for your consideration

Status: Complete
Response Date: 01 Oct 2019
Response: Please see attached response.