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Request Reference: 8747 Request Date: 02 Sep 2019
Request: Before you give me the same advice that got me a penalty charge notice this time. Please check your advice ! First I was advised by your department tick box H . I got a penalty notice that was dropped. Second i changed it to ticking box k. Got a penalty charge notice that was dropped. That''s 2 letters that cost tax payers money, that I got after following your departments advice. Again I ask how much has your department wasted on such misadvising? Or should I get a freedom of information request put in and give the result to my barrister uncle ? [Name redacted]. [On 4 September 2019 you clarified the following:]What i mean by missadvising is. On a number of occations ,after reciveing penalty charge notices . I have been advised first to use box h because there is no box for universal credit. Then i was advised again by your department after reciveing more penalty charge notices to use box k. I have receved 5-6 notices .Even after useing this advice. I am in no dout that your department recovers much needed revenue because of fraudsters. My request is for the satistics on your repeated cost of paper, ink , staff time and the cost of postage to repeated claimants that have resulted in the charge being discontinued ?

Status: Complete
Response Date: 01 Oct 2019
Response: Please see attached response