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Request Reference: 8746 Request Date: 23 Aug 2019
Request: Thank you for your offer to submit further questions that we didn’t have time to raise during the recent EIBSS focus group meeting in Manchester. Please see further questions below. I would also be grateful if your could forward me your minuets on the meeting when they are available. 1. How many infected and affected beneficiaries do EIBSS currently have and could these be shown as separate figures. 2. How many bleeding disorder and non bleeding disorder beneficiaries do EIBSS currently have and could these be shown as separate figures. 3. Where and when will the next EIBSS meeting take place and how many Focus Group meetings do EIBSS intend to hold each year. 4. Do EIBSS pay for GP support letters? We also have one account of a GP practice refusing to supply letters of support due to increased GP workload. Could EIBSS say what options beneficiaries have if their GP refuses to provide a letter of support. 5. During the recent EIBSS Focus Group meeting that took place in Manchester there was real concern around the security of payments moving forward. Have the EIBSS been given an assurances by the DHSC regarding the security of payments. 6. Could we have a list of the HCV and HIV medical professionals that EIBSS use to assist them with any policy and decision making. If beneficiaries have any questions regarding HIV or Hepatitis C, are they able to submit these to the medical professionals used by EIBSS? 7. If an infected beneficiary has a dependent child, but the child does not live with the infected beneficiary full time, can the infected beneficiary claim the child supplement? 8. Do EIBSS support all biological children of an infected individual including biological children from all previous relationships/marriages? If so, which child is classed as the 1st child and would therefore receive the £3,000? 9. If an infected individual enters into a relationship or marries someone that already has children i.e., they are not the biological children of the infected beneficiary, do EIBSS support those children and if so would EIBSS support non biological children from all previous relationships/marriages? Also would it make any difference if the non biological children were officially adopted? 10. The child payment criteria as shown on the EIBSS website includes the following “These payments are available to the primary care provider of the child/children and can only be made where the beneficiary has qualified for an income top up payment” what is the situation now that infected beneficiaries don’t receive any top up payments. I appreciate that some of these issues can be quite complex so if you would like speak with me to clarify anything I am happy to have a chat. I think you have my numbers.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 23 Sep 2019
Response: Please see attached response.