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Request Reference: 8727 Request Date: 23 Aug 2019
Request: Number of complaints received about pension contributions Length of time to resolve complaints Number of cases referred to the Pension Ombudsman Number of cases resolved in favour of the complainant [On 7 September 2019 you clarified the following:] 1. The complaints I am requesting data on are in relation to entitlement of contributions, missing contributions and disputes with regard to the data stored and recorded by NHS Pensions. I do not know what AVCs and APs are and would appreciate an explanation, can I also request that abbreviations are kept to a minimum 2. The complaints I am interested in relate to the above, in addition to the length of time it takes to receive a response and other complaints related to customer dissatisfaction 3. I am aware that NHS Pensions is unlikely to refer complaints to the Ombudsman, I am interested in the number of complaints that the have been referred to and investigated by the Ombudsman by the complainants 4. I am interested in the number of cases upheld in favour or partially of the complainant [On 9 September 2019 you clarified the following:]Further to your email dated 9th September, please exclude the information regarding the Additional Voluntary Contributions and Additional Pension from my request I am interested in the time period from 1981 - 2019 I am interested in: 1.complaints and disputes regarding pension contributions and discrepancies 2.response times from NHS Pensions 3.customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction 4.missing contributions complaints 5.numbers of cases resolved in favour of the complainant or upheld in favour of the complainant 5.Numbers of cases in which there was intervention from the Ombudsman [On 3 October 2019 you clarified the following:] Further to your email please note that I take on board the issues you raised regarding the difficulty in obtaining the data, therefore I am amending my FOI request, this would as you pointed out amend my research but would still provide validity I am requesting the following information from 01/01/2026 - 30/09/2019 Complaints escalated to the IDR 1 & 2 Please disregard question 3 Complaints involving intervention by the Ombudsman Complaints involving discrepancies in pension contributions and/or missing contributions Response times from NHS Pensions Numbers of cases resolved in favour of the complainant I think option b is in line with the above [On 6 November 2019 you clarified the following:] Further to your email and my previous emails I am asking for the following information 1. I am asking for stat on the number of complaints received on incorrect pension contributions, disputes; informal, formal under stage 1 and 2 by pension contributors not employers 2. The time period I am interested in is from 2016 for reasons discussed in previous emails 3. Complaints under the categories of IDR1, IDR2 and responses to the Ombudsman 4. I am not asking for specifics on customer satisfaction as this would only relate to response rates and therefore may not fully reflect customer experience I think the above is in line with the suggestion in your email dated 29th October

Status: Complete
Response Date: 04 Dec 2019
Response: Please see attached response.