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Request Reference: 8706 Request Date: 14 Aug 2019
Request: Thank you to you and the rest of the team for responding in a prompt manner to my initial freedom of information request. However, upon trying to analyse the data we are finding that the data is skewed. The excel sheet provided includes the Pharmacy ODS code, Pharmacy Name and pharmacy address; this information is not required for our analysis. Our intention is to analyse data by quarters, therefore pharmacy identification is not required. Could you send the file again without the pharmacy identifying details? This would mean that all the (justified) concerns in your previous communication would be eliminated and details where totals fall below ten could be included. This would help us with our aim of better describing MUR and NMS practices in England. In addition, can I ensure that there are no copyright issues, and data can be used for secondary data analysis for research and publication.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 12 Sep 2019
Response: Please see attached response.