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Request Reference: 8646 Request Date: 27 Jun 2019
Request: On the NHSBSA website you publish the total items dispensed by Contractor for each month as a total item volume: Dispensing contractors' data Data relating to dispensed prescriptions for Pharmacy, Appliance, Dispensing Doctor and PADM dispensing information for identified dispensers is available to view. The reports are published at the end of each month. They relate to the dispensing month, for example, the November report relates to prescriptions dispensed in November and received and processed by NHS Prescription Services in December, with payment made at the end of January. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has determined that it is in the public interest to release details of dispensing information for identified dispensers.Kind Regards I am requesting a breakdown of this data by Part IX A, B and C of the drug tariff or by BNF code for the period April 17 to March 19 by month by all ODS codes (Dispenser code)

Status: Complete
Response Date: 25 Jul 2019
Response: Please see attached response.