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Request Reference: 8645 Request Date: 08 Jul 2019
Request: I am a pharmacist undertaking a PhD at UEA. My research is looking at how we can optimise the Medicines Use Review. In order to do this, I will need to have a clear picture of what is currently happening within the service. Pharmacy contractors report the following information each quarter: 1. Total number of MURs delivered to patients in each group • Respiratory • High risk medicines • Post-discharge • Cardiovascular risk • Non target group 2. Total number of medicines being used by patients who received an MUR, sub-divided between: • Prescribed • OTC and complementary therapies 3. Number of patients where a medication was identified by the pharmacist and action was taken 4. Number of patients referred back to their GP 5. Number of patients where are result of the MUR the pharmacist believe there will be an improvement in the patient’s adherence to the medicines and type of benefit: • Better understanding of why they are using the medicine/ what it is for • Better understanding of when/ how to take the medicines • Better understanding of side effects and how to manage them • Better understanding of the condition being treated 6. Total number of patients given brief advice about a healthier lifestyle and type of advice: • Diet and nutrition • Smoking • Physical activity • Alcohol • Sexual health • Weight management • Other I have contacted NHS England for access to this information, and they have signposted me back to the BSA website. Having access to the data that is reported will help me to build a picture of which groups of patients receive the most MURs, an average number of medicines taken per patient, how many MURs lead to an intervention or referral and what lifestyle advice; information that is important in building a picture of what is happening.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 05 Aug 2019
Response: Please see attached response.