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Request Reference: 8536 Request Date: 13 May 2019
Request: I am searching for information on digital data loss, the management of identified data loss risks and the dissemination of clinical and non-clinical dental data between NHS providers (dental and non-dental). To date I have only managed to gain a very limited amount of information from the requests I have made to other NHS sections dealing with digital matters. Therefore, I would be grateful for any information which you are able to provide in response to the following questions:- Are there any plans to disseminate SNODENT records between NHS GDS and / or PDS providers (please note I have already received the first first iteration of reference sets for SNOMED CT and I understand that there is the inclusion of submitted SNODET data into --- is not an element of current NHS Summary Care Record workstreams? Is there any planning / are there any proposals to communicate summary care plans to GDS providers via the BSA EDI system? Do you have a record of Data Loss issues which EDI certified dental clinical management systems manufacturers have provided to the NHS before and after the introduction of the GDPR? If so, is it possible to request a copy of those records? What action are providers advised to take if they become aware that data submissions to the NHS may have been affected by EDI certified dental clinical management systems manufacturers related issues, where it is not possible to correct the error using the EDI product or where resubmission times have been exceeded? What arrangements are in place and/or are proposed for cascading notifications of data loss risks to DCMS users (providers and performers)? Who should EDI certified dental clinical management system report report suspected data error / data accuracy issues to, the software manufacturer or the NHSBSA or both or other body? Also if it should be first reported to the manufacturer and no prompt action is taken, who should it then be reported to? . I would be grateful for links to or copies of any other documents related to EDI certified clinical management systems manufacturers and EDI transmission related data loss I would be grateful for any other information (in the public domain) relating to data loss associated with EDI certified dental clinical management systems. Also any documents (in the public domain) relating to proposals / plans for the dissemination of NHSBSA EDI records to other providers, to assist with patient care?

Status: Complete
Response Date: 11 Jun 2019
Response: Please see attached response.