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Request Reference: 8463 Request Date: 10 Apr 2019
Request: I am currently undertaking some national workforce planning work for The Association of Clinical Embryologists and would like to know whether you could give me some information regarding the number of embryology jobs that you have posted over the past 3-5 years. What I really want to look at are how many Consultant/ lab manager; senior embryologist, embryologist and embryology technician/ practitioner jobs have been posted, thou Id be happy to categorise any kind of bulk data that you could share with me. The data will be used to try to assess the demand for staff at various levels and how the current workforce and STP/HSST training programme are able to fulfil staffing demands [On 13 May 2019 you clarified the following:] Many thanks for your reply. I have tried to cover the extra detail you may require below in blue. Also if it is easier to do you could provide the information for all the jobs associated with keywords such as IVF, assisted conception, embryology, andrology and I can sort the data. There is considerable variation with how different clinics describe and advertise different positions. I am writing to ask you to clarify your request. This is because we need further details from you in order to identify and locate the information. Therefore I would be grateful if you would clarify the following: For the staff groups for these positions, do they fall under medical and dental only? They could be classed as medical/ dental or perhaps clinical science/ healthcare science. Please specify the exact period you wish the report to cover. If you could cover a 5 year period of Jan 2014 to Jan 2019 that would be great Please specify the job titles. Consultant Embryologist, Principal Embryologist, Lead Embryologist, Laboratory Manager, Deputy Lab Manager, Senior Embryologist, Clinical embryologist, Embryologist, Embryology Practitioner, Associate embryologist, Embryology technician. Basically anything with embryology, embryologist, andrology or andrologist in the title Please specify the banding this should cover or salary.AFC bands 2-9 Should the data cover England and Wales or Wales only? England and Wales please Should the data include the date the adverts were published and when they closed? Yes please it not too inconvenient Do you need to know if the position was permanent, part time, fixed term etc? This would be helpful but not essential

Status: Complete
Response Date: 11 Jun 2019
Response: Please see attached response.