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Request Reference: 8443 Request Date: 09 Apr 2019
Request: I kindly request the following information with respect to NHS Supply Contract (2018/S 140-319871) for hearing aids / custom ear moulds and hearing accessories, scheduled to commence 1 April 2019: 1. When was a Nuheara product (to be supplied via Puretone) awarded a contract under Lot 1, Lot 6 or any other Lot in this procurement? 2. Can a product that is not conformity assessed and CE-marked as a medical device be accepted into Lot 5? 3. Can a Universal Fit ITE device (i.e. an ITE device that does not have a Custom Fit ear insert) be accepted into Lot 5? 4. Can the Lot 5 specification be changed during the contract period, to allow for the subsequent creation of a new ‘Hearable’ sub-category that is not a medical device and is an ITE that is not a custom fit? Thankyou

Status: Complete
Response Date: 29 Apr 2019
Response: Please see attached response