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Request Reference: 8377 Request Date: 14 Mar 2019
Request: Dear NHSBSA I would like to request some information under the FOI Act. I’m conducting a piece of research on ‘Leg Cramps’ including the terminology ‘night cramps’, ‘night leg cramps’, ‘nocturnal cramps’, ‘nocturnal leg cramps’ and ‘leg cramps’. I’ve taken a look at the NHS BSA data and I can see that the following products were prescribed in November 2018; Quinine Sulfate, Quinine Sulf_Tab 200mg, Items Dispensed = 107944, Net Ingredient Cost (p) 16088240 Quinine Sulfate, Quinine Sulf_Tab 300mg, Items Dispensed = 100878, Net Ingredient Cost (p) 19083386 Quinine Sulfate, Quinine Sulf_Oral Susp 300mg/5ml, Items Dispensed = 17, Net Ingredient Cost (p) 101960 Quinine Sulfate, Quinine Sulf_Oral Susp 200mg/5ml, Items Dispensed = 9, Net Ingredient Cost (p) 71091 Quinine Bisulfate, Quinine Bisulf_Tab 300mg, Items Dispensed = 33145, Net Ingredient Cost (p) 6915775 Quinine Bisulfate, Quinine Bisulf_Liq Spec 300mg/5ml, Items Dispensed =1, Net Ingredient Cost (p) 71100 What I can see is that Quinine Sulfate and Quinine Bisulfate have two therapeutic indications. Please see below for these indications. 1) Treatment of falciparum (malignant tertian) malaria. 2) Treatment and prevention of nocturnal leg cramps in adults and the elderly, when cramps cause regular disruption of sleep Are you able to provide me with a breakdown of the above BSA data by the two therapeutic indications above. I.e.. How many items were dispensed for the treatment of malaria vs treatment and prevention of nocturnal leg cramps in adults and the elderly. Can you also provide the same breakdown for the quantity and the Net Ingredient Cost (p) for both the Pharmacy & Appliance Contractor and the Dispensing Docs & PADM Items data sets. With regards to the above Quinine Sulfate products, could you please break this down into the FP10 data, providing a breakdown of the age profile of anyone prescribed Quinine Sulfate for nocturnal leg cramps, i.e.. 18-45, 45-65, 65+ years of age. How many of these items are on a regular repeat prescription and how many of these are new initiations (i.e. washout period of 6 months, having not had the product for the past 6 months)? Please can you also check if there are any parameters I may have missed for the treatment of nocturnal leg cramps. I.e. are there any other products currently prescribed for the treatment of such indications. If it’s not too much to ask please can you also provide the same data for the newly identified products, Kind Regards [name redacted]

Status: Complete
Response Date: 11 Apr 2019
Response: Please see attached response.