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Request Reference: 8353 Request Date: 04 Mar 2019
Request: Please can you tell me the full name of the most senior person who can be held to account for this departments actions and their job title. Please can you tell me if anyone working in this department has ever made a mistake and if they have what was the minimum fine they were charged and the largest fine they were charged, or if they were not fined what punishment did they incur. Please can you confirm that this department is under investigation and what it is under investigation for. [On 15 April 2019 I received your clarification as follows]Q1 The area of business meant by ‘this department’ is NHSBSA.DENTALBECS Q2 ‘to whom are you asking are they accountable to’ to whom is irrelevant, I would like the name, job title and contact details of the most senior person in this (nhsbsa.dentalbecs) department. If that is a problem please provide a copy of this departments’ management structure to include names, job description and contact details. Q3 What is meant by “mistake”? the question is self explanatory. Has anyone working in or on behalf of nhsbsa.dentalbecs ever made a mistake in or at work? That means any mistake in the course of their duties. Q4 From 17th September 2014. Q5 What is meant by “mistake” - If any member of staff made any mistake whatsoever, how much were they fined for making that mistake? I am not interested in ‘reprimands’ or other forms of ‘disciplinary action’ Just the amount of money that the person who made a mistake was fined. If there are thousands of them then the minimum amount fined and the maximum amount of fine is acceptable. Q6 On the 9th February 2019 I asked under the FOI Act what the remit of NHSBSA.DENTALBECS is, as in what is its purpose? I know to theoretically recover money for the NHS but is it set up to make money, i.e. generate income

Status: Complete
Response Date: 13 May 2019
Response: Please see attached response