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Request Reference: 8269 Request Date: 30 Jan 2019
Request: [Further to FOI 8195] Yes I can confirm that I require either the medicinal product name or if this isnt possible, the BNF presentation Code. This will allow me to identify the medicinal product prescribed, in addition to the BNF chapter code, date and CCG. For example, Product name -amoxicillin BNF Code xyz Chapter Code 5 commissioner-Leeds CCG Month/Year 01/2015 Ive attached the DR0562, which shows the actual medicine product, which is the level of detail I need. Hope this helps to clarify, the data produced is excellent but without either the medicinal product name or code to allow me to figure out the medicine I cant make many interesting conclusions! [On 21 February 2019 you clarified the following:] I am happy with the data being broken down to CCGs and Hospital Trust level. The only bit that was missing from the previously supplied data was the actual medicinal product. Instead, It just had a chapter code which wont allow me to know what actual medicines have been prescribed. The rest of the data detail was already fine. Please can I get this info as soon as possible? Thanks so much my masters dissertation depends on it!

Status: Complete
Response Date: 21 Mar 2019
Response: Please see attached response