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Request Reference: 7977 Request Date: 29 Sep 2018
Request: The NHS Coventry Hospital Trust communicates with patients ( and myself) via letter. text, and telephone as do the dentist and GP. My bank and credit card provider, my broadband provider, other financial Institutions, TV licensing Authority and my mobile phone provider all do the same. This can be for NHS treatment or financial alerts. 1.Why then, as this is the norm in today''''s society, do the NHSBSA fail to alert a person whose Exemption (HC2) status is about to end.? This would be normal behavior. You have been provided with all my contact information otherwise how did you post your penalty letter to me? In this respect, your behavior is entirely opposite to other NHS departments and other organisations. 2. I require to know how many people you catch per year and penalise, and what gross revenue that brings in per year by business unit? 3. I require to know why penalty charge is 5 times, repeat 5 times the cost of my dental treatment and how that inflated penalty is broken down and justified? I might add that the Dentist, who had complete visibility of my HC2 document at the time and took note of it, commenced treatment when in fact the document was out of date !! I reserve the right to ask further questions under The Act [On 10 October 2018 you clarified the following:] 1, As requested, you asked me to clarify part 2 of my request. I did identify identify one year. But to make it easier for you, lets us say the period is June 30 2017 to June 30 2018. 2, Part 3. Your forwarded web links do not provide a calculation, an explanation, or reason for the penalty charge being 5 times the 20 I owe. 3. Part one of my request gives you standard examples , including the NHS, where normal text and email alerts are used to inform customers. Yet Capita/ NHS Business Services choose not to. Why? That should not be too difficult answer as Capita/ NHS Business Services made that original decision, and the reason, which would be recorded internally. [On 16 October 2018 you clarified the following:] Yes, the number of people who have received a penalty charge notice .

Status: Complete
Response Date: 13 Nov 2018
Response: Please see attached response