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Request Reference: 7964 Request Date: 21 Sep 2018
Request: In response to an email exchange with [Name Redacted], I received the following response with regard to missing prescriptions of “Resource Thicken Up Clr” in the GP Practice Prescribing Open Government Datasets: "We have investigated the below issue as requested. The drop in prescribing for the specified product is due to the re-authoring of the products on our system in April 2018. The issue stems from prescriptions which have been written before the old product information was made invalid and then subsequently submitted to us for pricing at a later date. It is expected that these prescriptions may cause an issue for May 2018 prescribing and potentially June 2018 or when the prescriptions bearing the old product code have been processed." In light of that response could I please request a practice level data file containing the missing “Resource Thicken Up Clr” scripts data that never made it into the system (OGL datasets) because of the re-authoring issue described above. Looking at the drop in Sales, I think that this covers not just May 18, June 18, but also April 18. So, please provide missing data for “Resource Thicken Up Clr” and all other products in the 9.4.2 Enteral Nutrition chapter that were similarly affected by the re-aothoring issue in April 18, May 18 and June 18. This sort of format would be fine: Practice BNFCode BNFName Items Quantity ADQUSage NIC ActualCost Period N81061 190700000BBCJA0 Resource_ThickenUp Clr Pdr 2 1270 0 169.2 157.0796 201804 My email contact for the original query was [Name Redacted], Information Services Team Member. So please contact [Name Redacted] if you need clarification. Kind regards [Name Redacted]

Status: Complete
Response Date: 19 Oct 2018
Response: Please see attached response