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Request Reference: 7903 Request Date: 18 Aug 2018
Request: Many thanks for sending us the request FOI data We would like to make a similar request for both England and Wales (Separate files please) Please could you send us all the contract information available for Community Pharmacies • Units dispensed • Size of contract • total financial remuneration in £''s • Length of contract • type of contract [On 6 September 2018 you clarified the following]• What is meant by ‘size of contract’?Any contractual aspect which specifies financial size/ limits or units of product or services • With regards to ‘total financial remuneration’ – is this a total figure paid to the contractor or do you require only payments specifically classed as remuneration (fees paid in respect of services provided)? Both i.e. total paid to contractor and breakdown/ components of the remuneration e.g. dispensing income, services etc • For ‘type of contract’ – We can provide normal or Local Pharmaceutical Services (LPS), please specify which type you require. Both please • What time period do you require the data for? Please clarify if and how you would like to the totals to be aggregated. Last 2 years – 2016 and 2017

Status: Complete
Response Date: 04 Oct 2018
Response: Please see attached response