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Request Reference: 7869 Request Date: 02 Aug 2018
Request: 1.Do you have a procurement policy which supports the use of UK Government IT procurement frameworks, such as G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists? 2.Has your organisation adopted a strategy or IT policy guidance for using: (Please indicate yes or no for each) • Hyperscale public cloud (e.g. AWS / Azure/ Google Cloud Platform) • Other cloud (e.g. UK Cloud) • Software as a Service (e.g. Office 365) 2.1. Who is responsible for each? 3.How many on-premise data centres do you own? (In this context, a ‘data centre’ is a secure processing facility which hosts one or more IT systems) 4.How many third-party data centres do you use? (i.e. for colocation) 5. Do you use cloud for storing data / applications? 6.Expressed in percentage terms, approximately what proportion of your data and applications are held in: • An on-premise data centre • A third-party data centre • Hyperscale public cloud (e.g. AWS / Azure/ Google Cloud Platform) • Other public cloud (e.g. UK Cloud) • Private cloud 7.Is your IT primarily managed in-house or is it outsourced? 8.Do you share your IT infrastructure and services with any other organisation? (i.e. do you have shared services arrangements) 9.Do you have a central IT department? 10.Who in your organisation is responsible for driving your cloud strategy? 11.If your organisation does have a cloud strategy, what are the main drivers? (Please indicate yes or no for each) • Cost savings • Scalability • Agility • Security • Modernisation • Other (please specify): 12.In the next 12 months are you looking to procure any of the following? (Please indicate yes or no for each) •On-premise data centre •Colocation facilities •Physical IT infrastructure •Hyperscale public cloud services (e.g. AWS / Azure/ Google Cloud Platform) •Other public cloud services (e.g. UK Cloud) •Private cloud services •Outsourced IT managed services

Status: Complete
Response Date: 31 Aug 2018
Response: Please see attached response