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Request Reference: 7862 Request Date: 31 Jul 2018
Request: 31.07.18 Dear NHSBSA, FOI request - Delays in processing NHS pension applications from scheme member.s I would be grateful if you would provide the following information under FOI: 1. For your most recent Reporting Period (e.g. Q4 2017/18 (Jan to Mar 2018)). 1.1 Number of complete* pension applications received = A 1.2 Number processed** within 30 calendar days = B 1.3 Number of applications where the processing took 31 to 40 days = C 1.4 Number of applications where the processing took 41+ days = D 1.5 Number of complaints received from scheme members about delays in processing applications. * For simplicity please only include complete pension applications where there was no missing information which would understandably delay processing. ** By processed I mean that the scheme member received their first lump sum and / or pension payment. Note - To reduce the work for you, if you use another format of tracking of delays over time please just supply that report rather than creating another report for me. 2. Internal reporting of delays in processing NHS Pension Applications: 2.1 Please provide your most recent internal management report which tracks performance of processing of NHS pension applications and shows trends (improvement / deterioration) over time. 2.2 If not covered by 2.1 Please provide your most recent internal management report setting out what steps NHSBSA has put in place to address the problem of delays in processing NHS pension applications. 3. Information for pension scheme members on delays: 3.1 What is the NHSBSA policy on informing members about potential delays when they call the helpline number, so that scheme members can make arrangements to avoid defaulting on mortgage and other direct debit payments? Thank you for your assistance in this matter. The background is that I retired on 29.06.18. I was told yesterday by the NHS Pension Helpline that my application (which was sent by SERCO to NHSBSA in March 2018) had not yet been processed. I had previously been assured by staff on the NHS Pension Helpline that I would definitely receive my first payment within 30 calendar days of 25.06.18. I was also told that there was a large backlog of unprocessed applications and that it was impossible to say when my application would be processed. I have made a complaint through the NHSBSA complaints system but I am also making this FOI request to find out the scale of the problem given the wider potential hardship this problem will cause to scheme members. Yours faithfully, [Name Redacted]

Status: Complete
Response Date: 29 Aug 2018
Response: Please see attached response