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Request Reference: 7825 Request Date: 16 Jul 2018
Request: 1. Please provide figures for the number of females who have been prescribed the morning after pill in England in 2017 for the following age groups Age 16 and over Age 15 Age 14 Age 13 Age 12 Age 11 Age 10 2. Please provide the figures for the same age breakdown for 2016. 3. Please provide the same figures for 2015. [On 11 August 2018 you clarified the following:] I require the English national figures. I require them for the calendar years 2017, 2016 and 2015. Given it is likely to be September before the response is ready, it would be pertinent to also ask for the calendar year 2018, up until the most recent date available I do not know the code but the BNF names for the morning after pills used in this country are levenorgestrel and ulipristal acetate.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 04 Sep 2018
Response: Please see attached response