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Request Reference: 7794 Request Date: 02 Jul 2018
Request: Dear Sir/Madam I would like to request under Freedom of Information details as follows: I would like details of how many people are prescribed gluten free products/food/drink etc within the prescribing area of the London Borough of Sutton (Surrey) CCG (details to be split between adults and children to enable identification of age groups). I would also like details of how many children (broken down into ages up until and including the age of 5) are prescribed a formula milk due to allergies (for example Nutramigen 1, Nutramigen 2, Neocate and others) within the prescribing area of the London Borough of Sutton (Surrey) CCG. Please can I have a detailed information rather than a summary. My contact details are: [Contacted details redacted] However, for the purpose of this I am happy with an email response. Please can you acknowledge receipt of this email. Yours sincerely [Name redacted] [On 3 July 2018 you clarified the following:] please can my request be for the years: 2015 2016 2017 2018 Many thanks [On 7 August 2018 you clarified the following:] Many thanks for your response to my request. I have answered your questions in bold below (hoping I have done this correctly). Which CCG are you requesting the data for? Eg Sutton CCG (08T00). A list of CCGs can be found here https://www.nhs.uk/ServiceDirectories/Pages/CCGListing.aspx#TrS Sutton CCG (08T00) For part 1 of your request please clarify what age groups you would like the data to be broken down by? Eg. 0-18, 19 and over 0-18 and 19 and over please We can provide data for products under the below BNF Chemical Substances, please confirm if this is acceptable and also if you require this at presentation or product level. Yes this is acceptable - as I am unsure of the difference between presentation or product level please can you supply both. For part 2 of your request please can you confirm the specific BNF products you would like to receive the data for eg. As below Gppe Pdr_Nutramigen 090401000AAAZAZ Nutramigen_Pdr 090401000BBDIAZ Nutramigen 2 LIPIL_Pdr 090401000BBLPA0 Nutramigen 1 LIPIL_Pdr 090401000BBLUA0 Nutramigen PurAmino_Pdr 090401000BBNMA0 Nutramigen 1 + LGG_Pdr 090401000BBTGA0 Nutramigen 2 + LGG_Pdr 090401000BBTHA0 Nutramigen 3 + LGG_Pdr 090401000BBUXA0 Also Neocate Syneo Neocate LCP Neocate Spoon Neocate Junior However I cannot access the BNF product codes for these (are you able to get them at all? I have contacted Nutricia who are trying to get the information also) Finally, please can you also confirm what detail you would like included in the data? e.g. items, Net Ingredient Cost, quantity x items. Net Ingredient Cost, quantity x items

Status: Complete
Response Date: 03 Sep 2018
Response: Please see attached response