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Request Reference: 7751 Request Date: 08 Jun 2018
Request: I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request information concerning the types of accounting software and applications that may be in use by your organisation. If it is not possible to provide the information requested, please provide advice and assistance, as to how I can refine my request to be included in the scope of the Act. 1.) What financial accounting software do you use? 2.) Who supplies your financial accounting software (name of vendor or supplier)? 3.) What was the original date of purchase or contact start date for your accounting software? 4.) When is the contact renewal or expiry date for your accounting software? 5.) If relevant, what is the cost of annual support and maintenance (last financial year April 2016- March 2017) for your accounting software? 6.) Is Your IT in-house or outsourced, if outsourced, who is it outsourced to, and when is this contract up for renewal? 7.) Could you confirm if your organisation has any applications (computer systems) running on the Fujitsu (formerly ICL) VME operating system? 8.) If so, please list the names of these applications and their main role within your organisation? 9.) Please also confirm if you have applications; a) Operating on any other legacy platform such as OpenVME, IBM iSeries or written in legacy code such as Powerbuilder, COBOL etc. ? b) Any operating system considered expensive or (technically) challenging to enabling digital transformation? c) That are critical to the business but are at risk due to the scarcity of ageing support personnel or limited documentation? 10.) Please confirm if these applications have been developed in-house i.e. they are bespoke to your organisation and that you own the source code. If you have any queries please donít hesitate to contact me via email and I will be happy to clarify what I am asking for, my details are outlined below. I look forward to your response.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 06 Jul 2018
Response: Please see attached response