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Request Reference: 7706 Request Date: 24 May 2018
Request: 1) The number of times in the last year (17/4/17-16/4/18) that your unit has received similar justification for an apparently incorrect claim (i.e. contribution-based JSA, as opposed to income-based JSA) with a charge being applied under the NHS (Penalty Charge) Regulations 1999. By your unit, I mean in relation to your Unit and similar units if this service is centralised nationally (in the UK). 2) The total value for the charges that were not paid (in error), in relation to 1). For example, in my case, 20.60. 3) The total value of the penalty charge applied by NHS in relation to 1) 4) The number of times that the penalty charge (in relation to 1) was rescinded on submission of background information from the applicant. 5) For the same period of time in 1), please confirm the total salary of staff in the Unit ( as clarified in 1). In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I believe I am entitled to expect a full response within 20 workings days following receipt of the request.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 22 Jun 2018
Response: Please see attached response