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Request Reference: 7679 Request Date: 11 May 2018
Request: Dear Sir/Madam, Many thanks for replying to me last time, much appreciated. I did navigate through the various data sets that you sent me but could not find the information I wanted. Would you be able to help? The data I am looking for is the amount of Atorvastatin packs(don''t need breakdown on doses just the total) that were prescribed before and after the patent expired in Nov 2011. So the period of interest is 2010 - 2013 in Ealing CCG. It would be interesting to see if the prescriptions of Atorvastatin went up after patent expiry. The data you sent me does not allow me to track the Rx of Atorvastatin, neither does the date go further back beyond 2015. Your help would be much appreciated, even a simple graph of the amount of Atorvastatin prescribed during the time period 2010 - 2013 in Ealing CCG would be sufficient. Many thanks. [Name redacted]

Status: Complete
Response Date: 07 Jun 2018
Response: Please see attached response