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Request Reference: 7666 Request Date: 04 May 2018
Request: The economics team at NHS Improvement are currently working on a workforce project, looking at the retire and return rates of over-50s, and are in need of some data regarding pensions. Specifically, it would be great to obtain: • The number of NHS nurses retiring and returning, by trust and age if possible; • The number of staff in each pension scheme, by age, whether they have retired and their profession; and, • The number of switches from the 1995 pension scheme to other schemes. Will I need to file a Freedom of Information request for this data? Or is there someone within your organisation that I can get in touch with regarding this data? [On 18 June 2018 you clarified the following:] Thank you very much for your response and the data you have shared so far. As you suggest, in order to enable us to complete our analysis, it would be helpful if you could provide us with some additional data. Specifically, it would be useful to obtain: • The number of nurses being paid a salary but who are not paying into the pension scheme, across all providers; and, • The number of nurses being paid a salary who have opted out of the pension scheme, across all providers. Within this data, it would be good to get the age of each nurse if this is available. Also, it would be helpful if this data covered each pension scheme and for all of the fiscal years as is in the previous extract (see previous email). We have used the following Electronic Staff Records (ESR) occupation codes for nurses in our analysis, and it would therefore be ideal if we could get the above data for these nurses: • ‘N0’ – Nurse Manager • ‘N1’ – Nurse Qualified Sick Childrens • ‘N2’ – Qualified Midwife and Registered Midwife • ‘N3’ – Health Visitor • ‘N4’ – Nurse (District/CPN/CLDN) (1st level) • ‘N5’ - Nurse (District/CPN/CLDN) (2nd level) • ‘N6’ – Nurse (Other) (1st level) • ‘N7’ – Nurse (Other) (2nd level) • ‘NA’ – Nurse Consultant • ‘NB’ – Qualified School Nurse • ‘NC’ – Modern Matron • ‘NE’ – Community Matron • ‘P2’ – Post 1st Level Registration • ‘P3’ – Post 2nd Level Registration The aim of our analysis is to work out a retire and return rate for nursing staff. Staff who are not paying into a pension scheme will be used as a proxy for those returning to work on a non-pensionable basis, whilst controlling for the group of staff opting out of the pension scheme. We will use this data in conjunction with the pension figures from your earlier email to roughly estimate a retire and return rate (we appreciate this will be quite crude, but it is the best practical approach we can think of). Hope this makes sense – very happy to discuss further if it would be helpful to get further clarification. [On 11 July 2018 you clarified the following: If we could have the information covering 2011/12 to 2016/17 that would be great. Your comment regarding capacity codes is noted and will not be a problem.[On 2 August 2018 you clarified the following:]Thank you for your response. To clarify my request; yes, I would like the number and age of nurses who are being paid a salary but who are not paying into any NHS Pension scheme, and the same information regarding those being paid a salary but that have opted out of the NHS pension schemes. I require information on just those nurses who fall under Capacity Code 01 and who are employed by either NHS Trusts or Foundation Trusts.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 05 Oct 2018
Response: Please see attached response