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Request Reference: 7608 Request Date: 11 Apr 2018
Request: Hello, Can you supply my the NHS sales for the previous 4 years under the freedom of information act. NHS code: FER14011 FER673 FYC937 FYC938 FYC939 TLC307 TLC594 TLC813 FER13876 FER13877 FER13878 FYC829 TLC960 TLC415 TLC416 FER1015 FER1016 FER1017 FER1018 FER1019 FER13902 FER13903 FER13904 FER13908 FER13879 FER13880 FER13881 FER13882 FER13883 FER13884 FER13885 FER13886 FER13887 FER13888 FER13890 FER13891 FER13892 FER13893 FER13894 FER13895 FER13896 FER13897 FER13898 FER13899 FER13900 FER13901 FER13902 FER13903 FER13904 FER13905 FER13906 FER13908 FER13909 FER13913 FER13914 FYC942 FYC943 FYC944 FYC946 FYC947 FYC948 FYC951 FYC952 FYC953 FYC954

Status: Complete
Response Date: 09 May 2018
Response: Please see attached response