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Request Reference: 7589 Request Date: 04 Apr 2018
Request: To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to request information relating to hospital prescriptions for the following BNF names: Rocket IPC Dress Pk + Btl Ind/Pleural Ca Rocket IPC Drain Bag & DressPk Ind/Pleur Rocket IPC Pre-Evacuated Btl Ind/Pleural Rocket IPC Dress Pk+Pre-Evac Btl Pleural Rocket IPC 1000ml Pre-Evac Btl+Valve Cap Rocket IPC Drain Line Ind/Pleural Cath D Rocket IPC 1000ml Btl+Mini Dress Pk Pleu Rocket IPC Valve Cap Ind/Pleural Cath Dr Rocket IPC Mini Dress Pk + Btl Ind/Pleur Please can you segment data by BNF code, and provide data separately for hospital prescriptions dispensed in the hospital and the community. E.g. Table 1: Hospital prescriptions prescribed and dispensed in the hospital CCG / HB Code CCG / HB Name Hospital Code Hospital Name BNF Code BNF Name Items NIC Quantity Table 2: Hospital prescriptions prescribed in the hospital and dispensed in the community CCG / HB Code CCG / HB Name Hospital Code Hospital Name BNF Code BNF Name Items NIC Quantity Thank you I look forward to receiving your response. Yours sincerely, [name redacted] [On 6 April 2018 you clarified the following:]I submitted a request earlier this week (request number 7589) regarding hospital prescriptions for Rocket. I have since realised that I failed to specify the time periods we are seeking the data for! Please can I clarify that we are seeking data for the calendar years 2016 and 2017 separately. Please accept my apologies for any confusion caused by the omission! [On 17 April you clarified the following:] We would prefer to have data segmented both by NHS Trust and by the CCG (England) or Health Board (Wales) the hospital is located in (as per the above tables) but understand that this data might not be available. If data can only be provided by NHS Trust we are happy to accept that.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 14 May 2018
Response: Please see attached response