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Request Reference: 7478 Request Date: 09 Feb 2018
Request: Regarding every completed application for an EHIC issued to non-UK passport holders (at time of application) from the first day of January of Two Thousand and Four to the first day of February of Two Thousand and Eighteen. by NHS Business Service Authority, Including all claims submitted by non-UK passport holders using EHIC within and without the United Kingdom that will be reported accordingly, Using identification of cases by HRG or other grouping as not to jeopardise patient confidentiality directly or indirectly, Anticipating from you an emailed request for clarity prior to providing an incomplete dataset, I request the following under the Freedom of Information Act: 1. How many patients submitted claims via EHIC within and without the UK and how much was claimed and reimbursed? 2a. How many patient episodes without the UK were for outpatient/community prescriptions and how much did this cost? 2b. How many patient episodes within and without the UK were for anticipated/elective treatment including antenatal services, childbirth and postnatal services identified as such by HRG and how much was reimbursed accordingly? 3. How many temporary registrations in primary care were made by non UK EHIC holders as calculated by fees for service and/or for registration paid by NHS BSA to GP practices? Please communicate electronically unless statutorily obliged otherwise. I would appreciate a geographic breakdown of all above figures by NUTS regions ie North West, East Midlands, etc.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 09 Mar 2018
Response: Please see attached response