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Request Reference: 7458 Request Date: 01 Feb 2018
Request: Please can I be provided with the units of sale via NHS Supply Chain for during the last 12 months for products below. I've broken this down into three sections: Open Suction Catheters, Suction Handles and Suction Tubing. However I require the quantities sold against each code in each section: Catalogue Code Open Suction Catheters FSQ212 FSQ722 FSQ099 FSQ021 FSQ022 FSQ712 FSQ716 FSQ717 FSQ713 FSQ988 FSR027 FSQ118 FSQ119 FSQ121 FSQ122 FSR149 FSQ298 FSQ299 FSQ302 FSQ303 FSQ304 FSQ305 FSQ084 FSR862 FSQ085 FSQ676 FSQ678 FSQ679 FSQ681 FSQ683 FSQ684 FSQ1272 FSQ1269 FSQ1270 FSQ1156 FSQ1157 FSQ1158 FSQ1159 FSQ1161 FSQ1163 FSR142 FSQ967 FSQ1455 FSQ1451 FSQ1452 FSQ1453 FSQ1454 FSQ1450 FSQ1447 FSQ1448 FSQ1449 FSY156 FSQ041 FSQ1291 FSQ179 FSQ070 FSQ074 FSQ075 FSQ076 FSQ136 FSQ077 FSQ138 FSQ154 FSQ156 FSQ162 FSQ166 FSQ168 FSQ177 FSQ178 FSQ618 FSQ619 FSQ426 FSQ095 FSQ100 FSQ096 FSQ097 FSQ098 FSQ210 FSQ211 FSQ367 FSQ368 FSQ369 FSQ370 FSY195 FSQ095 FSQ100 FSQ096 FSQ097 FSQ098 FSQ210 FSQ211 FSQ601 FSQ606 FSQ296 FSQ245 FSQ246 FSU388 FSQ243 FSQ242 FSQ994 FSQ1194 FSQ633 FSQ1294 FSR150 FSQ191 FSY003 FSQ494 FSQ192 FSQ112 FSQ587 FSQ588 FSQ568 FSQ589 FSQ570 FSQ591 FSQ593 FSQ580 FSQ993 FSQ575 FSQ576 FSQ578 FSQ572 FSQ217 FSQ236 FSQ238 FSQ248 FSQ991 FSQ937 FSQ938 FSQ939 FSQ940 FSQ1443 FSQ1444 FSQ1445 FSQ250 FSQ251 FSQ252 FSQ253 FSQ992 FSQ698 FSQ699 FSQ701 FSQ704 FSR935 FSQ708 FSQ710 FSQ000 FSY218 FSQ424 FSY219 FSQ003 FSY220 FSY282 FSY995 FSQ1178 FSQ1179 FSQ1175 FSQ1176 FSQ1177 FSQ1132 FSQ1133 FSQ1134 FSQ1135 FSQ1136 FSQ1141 FSQ1137 FSQ11439 FSQ1152 FSQ1153 FSQ1149 FSQ1150 FSQ1154 FSQ1240 FSQ1241 FSQ1242 FSQ1243 FSQ1244 FSQ1238 FSQ1239 FSQ1166 FSQ1167 FSQ1168 FSQ1164 FSQ1165 FSQ1466 FSQ1462 FSQ1463 FSQ1464 FSQ1465 FSQ1471 FSQ1472 FSQ1473 FSQ1474 FSQ1467 FSQ1468 FSQ1469 FSQ1470 FSQ1475 FSQ1476 FSQ1477 FSQ1478 FSQ1479 FSQ1144 FSQ1264 FSQ1265 FSQ1266 FSQ1267 Suction Handles FWP060 FWP238 FWP235 FWP236 FWP231 FWP234 FWP240 FWP223 FWP239 FWP061 FWP228 FSW697 FGK122 FWP057 FWP058 FWP059 FWP076 FWP216 FWP248 FWM262 FWM267 FWM269 FWM271 FWM274 FWM277 FWL098 FWM363 FWM316 FWM317 FWM305 FWM192 FWM210 FWM140 FWM141 FWM142 FWM1497 FWM756 FWM757 FWM758 FWM759 FWM760 FWM1522 FWM1523 FWM1524 FWM1525 FWM429 FWM1238 FWM1343 FWM278 FWM1641 FWM2091 FWM2092 FWM2093 FWM2094 FWM1642 FWM1678 FWM1640 FWM1725 FWM230 FWM225 FWM226 FWM227 FWN064 FWN059 FWN060 FWN061 FWN242 FWN087 FWN088 FWP130 FWP135 FWP136 FWP145 FWP150 FWP142 FWP000 FWP139 FWP141 FWN003 FWN092 FWN094 FWN095 FWN096 FWN097 Suction Tubes FSW549 FSW543 FSW544 FSW545 FSW546 FSW530 FSW527 FSW528 FSW529 FSW533 FSW539 FSW538 FSW547 FSW357 FSW526 FSW548 FSW531 FSW532 FWP174 FWP163 FWP159 FWP175 FWP162 FWP168 FWP173 FWP215 FWP138 FWP213 FWP204 FWP088 FWP181 FWP170 FWP152 FWP151 FWP155 FWP180 FWP255 FSW536 FWP266 Thank you.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 27 Feb 2018
Response: Please see attached response