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Request Reference: 7443 Request Date: 29 Jan 2018
Request: Please could you supply an extract from ePACT of the last 5 years of prescribing data, grouped by dispenser, with the following columns: month, dispenser code, bnf code, items, quantity, nic, actual cost, out of pocket expenses Any machine-readable format would be sufficient - zipped CSV preferred. [On 21 February 2018 you clarified the following:]To clarify, my reference to ePACT was to indicate the domain of the data we''re interested in. We don''t actually require you to extract the data from ePACT, specifically. The same data could come from other, more convenient sources. What we need is data that''s essentially identical to the Practice Level Prescribing in England dataset [1], with one exception: the data should be grouped by dispenser rather than by practice. To illustrate, if there were a SQL database underlying ePACT or ePACT2 which you could query using SQL (no doubt it is not as straightforward as this!), what we need would be the equivalent of the following: SELECT month, dispenser_code, bnf_code, SUM(items), SUM(quantity), SUM(nic), SUM(actual_cost), SUM(out_of_pocket) FROM underlying_source_table GROUP BY month, dispenser_code, bnf_code [On 9 March 2018 you clarified the following:] Thankyou for your response. The first (i.e. the easiest) would be fine for our uses. ( Actual Cost - based on the current month''s National Average Discount Percentage (NADP) (this is the default and easiest to do).)

Status: Complete
Response Date: 10 Apr 2018