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Request Reference: 7374 Request Date: 05 Jan 2018
Request: I have been informed that the NHS Business Services Authority is “legally obliged” to obtain the address and date of birth of a patient before responding to any cases referred to the Prescription Exemption Checking Service. Please advise me of the specific statute (Act of Parliament and section) or regulation (Statutory Instrument and regulation number) which the NHS considers obliges it to obtain this information before dealing with cases, and the NHS's interpretation of the relevant law. Please advise me what arrangements are in place for handling cases involving patients who are unable to provide such information (for example, those who are homeless, have limited English language ability, or have special needs). Please provide me with a copy of the relevant section of NHS Business Service Authority procedures relating to the validation of the identity of patients contacting the Prescription Exemption Checking Service, including procedures for validating the identity of those who are unable to provide an address or date of birth. Please advise me whether any risk or impact assessments have been conducted in relation to the requirement for patients to provide an address or date of birth before dealing with enquiries to the NHS Business Services Authority.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 02 Feb 2018
Response: Please see attached response