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Request Reference: 7361 Request Date: 03 Jan 2018
Request: North East Lincolnshire Council in Grimsby has recently undertaken a Financial Resilience Assessment Needs Assessment in the area and one of the recommendations of the study is the promotion of HC1 Payments in NEL for people on low income. [On 18 January 2018 you clarified the following:] Thanks so much for the response below and sorry for the confusion regarding my request. My initial assumption was that NHSBSA receives and processes all HC1 application forms and also makes payments to qualified applicants hence the reason for my initial request. Iíll be happy to receive the number of HC1 applications received in the NEL area for the financial year 2016/17 on a monthly basis and by postcode (if possible) to enable us aggregate this data at ward level. I have attached a list of NEL postcodes to collate this as requested. Please can you advise on which organisation makes payments? Iíll like to request any current baseline data you may have on HC1 Payments for North East Lincolnshire. This will be used to demonstrate the impact / increased take up following any action taken based on the recommendation. [On 7 February 2018 you further clarified the following:] Yes, I agree with you that providing full postcodes may not be appropriate due to low numbers. Iím therefore happy to receive data for the NEL postcodes split by prefix only.

Status: Complete
Response Date: 07 Mar 2018
Response: Please see attached response