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Request Reference: 7292 Request Date: 28 Nov 2017
Request: Hello, I am writing regarding NHS Pensions and band 8a losing 3.5% of salary as per the pension contribution scale. 1) Please supply the decision making process for deciding on the pension contribution scale? 2) Were any unions involved in ratifying the pension contribution scale and who were they? 3) Was an Equality Impact Assessment completed before deciding to implement the pension payment scales? 4) If the answer to question 3 is yes then please supply a copy! 5) Have there been any other FOIs on the pension contribution scale or specifically on the "top of band 8a issue"? 6) If the answer to question 4 is yes then please supply the FOI reference numbers? 7) Was the below inflation wage increases of 1% per year factored into the pension scale contribution? 8) Please advise how much money is generated for the NHS pension pot by the 3.5% claw back at the top of Band 8a

Status: Complete
Response Date: 05 Dec 2017
Response: Please see attached response